Disney and the Seven Deadly Sins

Sykes from Oliver and Company

This loan shark, whose favorite hobby is building models, is determined to have his money back from Fagin within three days, leaving the unlucky Fagin to search high and low in all of New York City to find that money. But when he discovers that his new friend, a kitten, is now in the hands of a rich family, Fagin tries to hold the kitty for ransom and goes to Sykes to explain. But it all goes south when Sykes kidnaps the kitten's mistress, a little girl, and takes her hostage. Lazy? Sykes would rather sit back and let others do his dirty work or kick back and revel in his ill-gotten gains.

Hopper from A Bug's Life

In a twisted bug-eat-bug take on the fable, "The Grasshopper and the Ants", Hopper is the leader of the pack of grasshoppers who force the ant colony to gather food for them while they all party south of the border. He threatens to stomp on any ant that gets in his way, including the inventive Flik, who proves that it's not wise to underestimate an ant with high hopes.

Critical Response

The problem with both Sykes and Hopper is that they are both lazy, digusting antagonists that, unlike other villains, do not do much of anything aside from utter threats. They sit back and allow others to handle their business and do the hard work and that is just how they like it. Despite being out numbered by the ants, Hopper is a feared grasshopper who is blind in one eye due to a scratch caused by a recent encounter with a thug beetle. He leads a large gang of grasshoppers, who hold a Mafia-like control over the ants. Hopper is cunning, bad-tempered, and tyrannical. Whereas most of the grasshoppers consider the ants harmless, Hopper is aware that the ants outnumber them, and therefore plots to kill the queen ant to frighten them into submission. His catchphrase "Let's ride!" is uttered when the grasshoppers are about to take flight en masse. Eventually the hardworking ants win out over the mob-like grasshoppers and all is well. Both films show that mob-life does not always work out so well and sometimes you need to do the work yourself. Laziness does not pay off.